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    Hierarchy of Environmentalism

    Trash_45 "Oh no he didn't..." I thought to myself as I watched the old man throw a bag full of garbage onto the rocks.

    I was driving along the P.C.H. looking for an empty peak when I happened upon a surfer catching a slow right. I pulled over to see if there was anything consistent rolling through when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw it. A man stepped out of the van parked in front of me, looked around, and tossed his kitchen sized bag of garbage into the rocks. As I processed what I had just witnessed, his compatriot climbed out of the driver's seat. Dirty rag in hand, the man started walking towards the rocks, while making a series of "any witnesses around" glances over his shoulder.

    Trash_can_60 Incredulous, I got out of my car - waving, pointing, yelling - "Dude, are you out of your mind??!! What do you guys think you're doing?? You can't just roll up and toss your trash onto the rocks??!!" (which I repeated several times for effect) "You need to find yourself a garbage can - and while you're at it, that garbage better be separated!" (that last part was met with a blank stare) The driver froze, clearly thinking if he should try to deny it was their trash. Moments later, he pulled his garbage bag out of the rocks, put his dirty rag into it, took it all back into his van and drove off.

    Many of the environmental issues tossed about at Patagonia from one day to another, consist of topics such as restoration of native habitats, deep water trawling, chlorine-free wool, etc. We separate our recyclables and compost any food scraps every day at the office - actions that might be low in the hierarchy of environmentalism, but important nontheless. Maybe that's why I was so shocked to witness some good old-fashioned littering.

    Can anyone explain to me what would posses someone to trash such a beautiful stretch of coastline?

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