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    If You Liked the Movie: Join the Walk

    Just got word from a tipster in the edit department about an opportunity for Patagoniacs in the Northeast to affect the climate change discussion. Sorry for the late notice on this one. I'm sure you can join up with the walk at any point.

    Action Now on Global Warming: Join Bill McKibben on the Interfaith Walk for Climate Rescue, March 16-24

    Bill McKibben and a host of clergy and churchgoers from a variety of faiths are now on pilgrimage, walking from Northampton, Mass., to Boston to urge an 80% reduction in global-warming pollution by 2050. They plan to arrive at Boston’s Copley Square March 24, Climate Rescue Day, in time for what organizers hope will be the largest public rally to date for immediate action on global warming.

    Participants from throughout the Northeast are expected; religious affiliation is not required. Just caring about Creation earns your right to join in the walk.

    Nighttime lodging will be ’60s civil-rights style, on the floors of local churches. Sleeping on the floor of church, like donning crampons, is something to be done at least once in a lifetime.

    More time-challenged and caffeinated but no less-committed readers might consider as an alternative joining in the Bicycle Ride for Climate Rescue from Walden Pond to Copley Square on the morning of the 24th. Read Bill’s letter and get the info you need to act at Then go walking, and if you can’t walk, send ’em a bit of money. It’s a high-impact, low-budget effort that needs our grassroots support. An 80% reduction in global-warming pollution is necessary; we need to start today.

    [Thanks Mr. V]

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