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    Riding into the Sunset

    We just wrapped up Bike-to-Work Week here in Ventura with a groovy happy hour and raffle. A quick tally shows that Ventura employees rode 1,979 miles this week and Reno rode a whopping 2,789 miles! (Stay tuned for the Retail store totals.) According to Bike Metro and the EPA, by riding our bikes instead of driving this week Patagonia employees kept the following amounts of pollutants out of the environment:

    _mg_4039 Total Hydrocarbons = 29.406 Lbs
    Total Carbon Monoxide = 219.496 Lbs
    Total Carbon Dioxide = 4367.488 Lbs
    Total Nitrous Oxide= 14.598 Lbs
    Total Gas= 216.7 Gal

    Huge thanks to all the Patagonia employees who participated, and to all of the wonderful folks around the country who biked to work. Hopefully all the fun posts this week inspired some of you to participate. We would also like to thank the sponsors that donated prizes for the Ventura raffle. Please support these companies if you're ever in the area: New Belgium Brewing Company, Open Air Bikes, Island Packers, Aveda, Anacapa Brewing Company, Trek,, Dan Holmes Photo, Resource Revival, Fiore Restaurant, Lulu Bandha's Yoga Studio, Jamba Juice, Patagonia, Ben & Jerry's, Cafe Bariloche, Juice on Chestnut and Jersey Mike's Subs.

    Have a great weekend everybody and don't forget to support the Bicycle Commuter Act.

    [Glen takes home the Fat Tire Flyer. Photo: Sus Corez. Thank you New Belgium!]

    Bike to Childcare

    Yesterday, some future Patagoniacs from our onsite childcare got into the spirit of Bike-to-Work Week. Their enthusiasm was so infectious. Listen carefully for some priceless remarks and look for a cameo appearance by Uncle Dave. I think biking to work has brought out the inner kid in a lot of us this week.



    3 Counties, 2 States and No Excuses

    Boca_road_2 An impressive-enough commute by car, 2 states and 3 counties are exactly what some of the folks who work in our Reno Distribution Center pedaled through to get to work Thursday morning. 

    Undaunted by distance and mountain passes, Nate Hanson (Pro Sales), Tim Kipp (Customer Service), Anne Cahill (Account Manager), Rob Flesher (Call Center Mgr.) and Mark Blume (Paddling Line Director) have stepped up to offer sound motivation to all those convinced they live too far from work to make biking possible. Their 30-mile one-way ride took them from California to Nevada over paved backroads, gravel by-ways, through dense pine forests, and over one mountain pass. Imagine the surprise when they ran into another crew with the same travel plan . . .

    [Nate and Mark take the road less travelled. Photo: Rob Flesher]

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    A Bike for Life

    Big_boda For most of us at Patagonia, biking to work is choice versus driving our cars. But for the world's poorest communities, a bicycle is one of few affordable transportation options. Grayson Schaffer, Associate Editor for Outside magazine, has written a post for the blog Those Responsible about hardcore kayaker Ed Lucero and the bike he made for the Design for the Other 90% exhibit. The bike is currently in use in Kenya and Uganda.

    Read "The Utility Bike as Art"

    [Photo courtesy of Grayson Schaffer. Thanks Grayson]   

    Bike to Work Retail Challenge

    Retail_btw_stats_2Last week, before the improptu Ventura vs. Reno rivalry developed, a friendly competition was issued between Patagonia retail stores to see which store could ride their bikes the most during Bike-to-Work Week. The store with the highest percentage for the week gets bragging rights and a New Belgium Cruiser that was donated by our friends at New Belgium Brewing Company. Here's an update on the competition from Mike, the manager of Patagonia Portland.

    All of us in retail land are participating in the 'Bike to Work' week as well and the Seattle store was kind enough to set up a little challenge between the stores to make it interesting and to inspire more people to participate. Now keep in mind that this challenge was not our idea, but we knew our little bikey city of Portland, Oregon (most bike friendly city in the US by some counts) could be competitive in such an event. To be honest our first thought was, "Do they know what they've gotten themselves into?"

    We're really committed to biking and using alternative transportation at our store and have actually been keeping track of our commute for over a year now. The last couple months have been especially strong with 68% biking in March and 72% in April. We have a bike rack in the store and share the previous months totals for all of our customers to see. This is our mission to inspire others.

    Pat_portland2_3 So the competition is on and after the first few days we're all alone at the top: the only store with 100% participation. We set up a great display in the store with maps indicating where we all ride from and brochures from all the local bike groups. We have our bikes on display and a video put out by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance on getting started with bike commuting. We have pictures of our staff on their bikes and we've been having daily raffles for all who ride in. There is a prize at the end, but we all know what the biggest prize will be: being the most bike friendly Patagonia store in the US by all counts.

    [It's happy hour at the BTW bar graph. Graph: Nick March. BTW display inside the Patagonia Portland store. Photo: Mike Vanreken.]

    Long Ride In


    What to do when you want to participate in Bike to Work Week but your commute's a beefy one? Follow Team Bacon Strip.  If the ride's a long one, these guys aren't afraid to start the night before.

    If you're in the Reno area and want to punctuate your Bike to Work Week in fine style, join the Bacon Strippers on their 2nd Annual Pancakes on Peavine ride.  Enjoy a fresh plate of fluffy flapjacks and steamy joe at 8,000 feet.  After breakfast, choose your single-track descent back to the working world and savor bragging rights to one of the coolest commutes around. 

    Ride on!!

    [Many thanks to pioneering Bacon Stripper, bike philanthropist, and admirably pedal-powered maven, Wolfy for the image.]


    Ventura Ain't Bringing It

    There was a somewhat quiet challenge issued deep in the comments of the "Support Human Power" post about who could saddle up more of their crew for Bike to Work Week: our Ventura HQ or the Reno Distribution Center.  Not that it's a contest or anything . . . BUT, well, we are feeling a little swell of pride up here in Renoland.  So far, we've got 57 unique riders and a daily average of 20% of all employees riding to work! 

    Need some ideas on how to get pedal powered?  Check out this great brochure from the League of American Cyclists (
    It's hard not to get fired up when you show up at work on your bike and there's no parking!

    [Photo courtesy of Maresa Martin.]

    World Freestyle Kayaking Championships

    Ambass_jackson1Congratulations are in order for Patagonia paddling ambassador Eric Jackson and his family. Mark, our product line director for paddling, sends word:

    I'd like to share the great news that our paddling ambassadors Eric, Emily, and Dane Jackson took home top spots in this year's World Freestyle Kayaking Championships:

    Eric Jackson - Men's 1st place
    Emily Jackson - Junior Women's 1st place
    Dane Jackson - Junior Men's 3rd place

    Dane was competing in his first World's at the age of 13. He's the youngest person ever named to the US team and competed against young men four years older. Dane was in the lead throughout the entire comp and could easily have won were it not for some bad luck.

    Emily is 17 and ran away with her victory. Many of her rides could have put her in contention for the senior Women's title. In every photo I've seen she smiled and shared her victory with others ... an ambassador for the sport just like her dad.

    Continue reading "World Freestyle Kayaking Championships" »

    Support Human Power - Bike to Work This Week

    Pata_transportWhile many Patagonia employees go to great lengths to bike, bus or carpool to work daily (kudos to you all), some of us, myself included, drive our cars to work, alone, on a regular basis. We all have our reasons for driving, some justified and some not so much. But the company is relentless in its encouragement to use alternative transportation and offers many great incentives for employees to participate in events like Bike-to-Work Week.

    This week is national Bike-to-Work Week, and Friday, May 18, is Bike-to-Work Day. Folks across the country are encouraged to bust out their bikes and burn some calories getting to and from work. I for one am challenging myself to pick pedaling in circles over putting the pedal to the metal this week.

    Action Alert: There's another way in which we can all help encourage biking to work. The Bicycle Commuter Act was recently re-introduced into both the House and Senate. This important legislation seeks to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to extend the transportation fringe benefit to bicycle commuters. Please take action now.

    Whether you bike to work every day or just this Friday, all of our efforts combined can lead to a significant reduction in air pollution. See you on the road.

    [Paddle power works too. Bikes on the rack at Patagonia's riverside Reno Service Center hang out with another form of alternative transportation, a kayak. Photo: Matt Hunt]

    Boulder Adventure Film Fest. Starts Tomorrow

    Boulderadventurfilm If you live or happen to be in the Boulder, CO area this weekend, be sure and stop by the Boulder Adventure Film Festival and Dirt Days. The festival, which starts tomorrow (May 11), is wonderfully organized by climber/writer/photographer, and Patagonia catalog contributor, Jonathan Copp. The films look great and the Dirt Days events will surely keep the entire family smiling. Get all the details at

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