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    The First Time - Part 2

    The_first_time_title_pt2 Podcast number two of The First Time series on The Dirtbag Diaries features Patagonia ambassador Tanya Shuman. From Fitz:

    Every sport has hallowed ground, a place were legends honed techniques and innovators forged new technology. Climbers have Yosemite Valley. For mountain bikers, it’s Vancouver’s North Shore. If you’re a freestyle kayaker, there’s one wave, far from any damn-controlled river, that you have to ride.

    Today, pro kayaker Tanya Shuman tells us about her search for the perfect wave. It’s a journey that took her around the globe before leading her back to the place where it all began – Skookumchuck Narrows.

    Listen to the MP3:
    The First Time - Part 2 (right-click to download)

    For more information on the fight to save Skookumchuck, please visit:

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