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    From Oceans to the Arctic Refuge

    Cfood4thought1The time has come for Patagonia to shift its environmental activism focus from Oceans as Wilderness to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The goal of our new campaign is to help secure permanent protection for the Coastal Plain of the Arctic Refuge through designation as Wilderness.

    To commemorate the Oceans as Wilderness campaign, we enjoyed a special Seafood for Thought lunch in Ventura last week. The menu was created by our very own Micah Knox: panko crusted diver scallops with a micro green salad tossed in wasabi vinaigrette served with roasted garlic ginger burre blanc. For dessert, Ben & Jerry's kindly donated three flavors of their delicious ice cream. I chose Phish Food...

    Download the recipe for Panko Crusted Diver Scallops (PDF)

    [Choose your scallops wisely. Photo: Free]

    The focus of the lunch, and an example of what we tried to convey during the OAW campaign, was on the method of harvesting the sea scallops. In this case, Micah chose diver-caught scallops over the more common method of scallop dredging where heavy nets are dragged along the sandy sea floor causing severe damage to life and habitat on the bottom. Identifying where and how your seafood is harvested, or simply choosing not to eat it, can make a big difference in the health and vitality of the ocean environment. Many organizations offer portable cards listing what seafood is sustainably caught and what seafood should be avoided. We like the card from Blue Ocean Institute.    

    Patagonia will continue to highlight Oceans as Wilderness in the Enviro Features section of and in our occasional water-themed catalogs. Many of the issues are far from resolved so we'll do our best to keep you informed and alerted when your help is needed. If you haven't already done so, please participate in the current Action Alert to help end overfishing in U.S. waters.

    Special thanks to the Patagonia Environmental Affairs department for all their hard work on the Oceans as Wilderness campaign. Our gratitude also goes out to all the authors of the environmental essays featured during the campaign, and to all of you who took a few moments out of your day to send an email, write a letter or make a phone on behalf of our planet's oceans.


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