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    Indian Summer

    Indian_barber_shop_2 Not long ago we brought you a dispatch from India by Patagonia rock climbing ambassador Sonnie Trotter. After three months on the road and a bout with Malaria, Sonnie is now home and ready to share a taste of his time in India. The Alpine Club of Canada and Five Ten have arranged a short slide show tour for Sonnie to the ACC's eastern sections. The first two events occurred last week and according to Sonnie's blog went well:

    As far as the slide show went, I'd say two thumbs up. The ACC section is like a big family, they all treated me with unrivaled hospitality and I saw nearly everything there is to see in T-Bay is less than 24 hours. It was a whirlwind. After the show, we all sat back, relaxed and kicked it with a few cold beers. Around 11:30pm, Nick Buda and his wife turned in for the night, and Frank Pianka (my trusty chaperone) agreed, "we better get some sleep if we're going ice climbing in the morning". "WHAT?" I said nearly falling off the couch, "You guys were serious about that?"

    If you live in eastern Canada and want to catch the show, hit the jump to see the schedule for this week.

    [Fancy hair cut in Hampi. Photo: Paul Bride]

    Sonnie Trotter's Eastern Slide Show Tour - 'INDIAN SUMMER'

    Sonnie_poster_draft Canadian Sonnie Trotter, one of the world's best rock climbers, will be doing a slide show tour to the ACC's eastern Sections in early April. The event is sponsored by Five Ten and the ACC. The dates, times and places are as follows:

    April 9
    Chinese-Canadian Heritage Centre
    397 Kent Street

    April 11
    McGill University
    The McConnel Engineering Building, Room 204

    April 12
    Quebec City
    Delire Climbing Gym

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