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    Pedaling Over the Hump

    Retail_challengeMid-way through the work week and the particpant numbers keep climbing. While Free's rear-hub casualty has taken some of the spark out of our Pat HQ vs. Distribution Center rivalry, the Retail Bike Challenge remains hotly contested. While you find the store's individual rider numbers below, consult the graph for a sense of the real non-impact being made by this week. Each of those miles logged is one less spent in gas-powered confinement.

    List of Stores and their average number of participating cyclists

    Westport            4.75
    Palo Alto             7.25
    Portland             7.00
    Reno Outlet        7.25
    Freeport Outlet   2.75
    Santa Monica      6.00
    Boston                8.75
    San Francisco     6.25
    Pasadena           6.00
    Chicago              1.75 
    Soho                 10.00
    Seattle                4.50
    St. Paul               5.25
    GPIW                  4.25
    Boulder               5.50
    Salt Lake Outlet  4.25
    Denver                2.00
    Santa Cruz          2.75
    Upper Westside  3.25
    Washington DC   4.25
    Cardiff                 1.50
    Atlanta                1.50

    National Average     4.90


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