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    Surfers Without Borders Community Event This Saturday

    The Patagonia surf team sends word that Surfers Without Borders (SWoB) is hosting a fund-raising event this Saturday, February 21, at the Faulkner Gallery. Surfers Without Borders is a humanitarian aid organization dedicated to creating projects that teach environmental awareness, reduce ocean pollution, promote sustainable development, and foster good relations between surfers and coastal communities around the world.

    The founders, Aubrey Falk and Loren Luyendyk, utilize their expertise in art and permaculture to engage local communities and offer low-cost sustainable methods for improving their quality of life and protecting the environment.

    Ethan Stewart, who's back in Santa Barbara after his train ride to the inauguration, wrote an excellent article on SWoB for the Santa Barbara Independent. From the article:

    In the surf-rich town of Rio Nexpa, Luyendyk went out to a popular campground on the point and built a composting toilet out of a 50-gallon plastic drum, worm castings, and entirely salvaged materials. The waterless, flush-less toilet can support two adults for six months before it needs to be set aside to decompose; six months later, it’s perfect food for plants and trees.

    Luyendyk also used the “ubiquitous” 50-gallon plastic drum to construct a slow sand water filter that helped make the town’s water supply potable. Filling the drum with rocks, charcoal, and sand, the easily made contraption removes 99 percent of the disease-causing pathogens. Costing less than $50 to make, the filter is big enough to serve two families for an entire year.

    Looking to solve the plastic water bottle problem that plagues all of Central America, Luyendyk and Falk convinced a restaurant in Barra to set up a clean drinking water station, where patrons now pay five pesos to refill their own water bottles.

    Check out the entire article, "Spreading the Green Gospel" then head over to Surfers Without Borders to see how you can help. If you live near Santa Barbara, please consider attending the fundraiser on Saturday.

    Surfers Without Borders Community Event
    Saturday, February 21st from 7-10pm
    Faulkner Gallery at the Santa Barbara Public Library
    40 E. Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara CA (across from the courthouse)

    Event will include:

    • Original ocean inspired paintings and art from local artists including: Michael Drury, Aubrey Falk, Jeremy Harper, Larry Iwerks, Matt Moore, Rick Sharp, Rick Stich, Christina Zepeda and others!
    • The premiere of “SWoBs in Mex” short film and a photo slide show of Surfers Without Borders recent trip to Mexico
    • A presentation on sustainability and the methods of permaculture
    • Real life model of a composting toilet and a free instructional guide on how to build one
    • Silent auction on surf gear and other great local products
    • Locally made appetizers and refreshments

    Suggested Donation for Entry: $10.00

    [The worm composting toilet Loren built in Barra de la Cruz, Oaxaca. You can download the plans for the composting toilet and slow sand water filter from SWoB's site. Photo: Surfers Without Borders]


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