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    A Look Back at the Sacred Craft Surfboard Expo

    The Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo came to the Ventura County Fairgrounds on Saturday May 16 & Sunday May 17, 2009. Patagonia and Fletcher Chouinard Designs (FCD) were on hand for the festivities. Here's a look back at the show.

    [Video shot and edited by Tim Davis]

    More photos and video after the jump.

    Things started off early on Saturday morning with the board demo. Photo: Jason McCaffrey

    Unfortunately the conditions weren't conducive to testing much more than longboards. Photo: Jason McCaffrey

    Inside the show, FCD's Ben Lemke says it's all good in the FCD booth. Photo: Jason McCaffrey


    The quiver at the FCD booth featured EPS foam shapes by Fletcher Chouinard, Gerry Lopez, the Campbell Brothers and Mickey Muñoz. All of the boards were glassed in epoxy by the FCD crew right here in Ventura on the Patagonia campus. Photo: Tim Davis


    Fletcher Chouinard checks out a book with some friends. Photo: Tim Davis


    FCD head glasser, Sammy Cammack, shaped and glassed this gun for the upcoming southern-hemi season. The pin work was done by local maestro Chris Fallon who also attended the show. Photo: Jason McCaffrey


    Another big draw at the FCD booth was Gerry Lopez signing his book Surf Is Where You Find It. Gerry was mobbed throughout the show but he always had a kind word and a smile for those who wanted to meet him -- a true ambassador of aloha. Photo: Tim Davis


    Gerry also gave a shaping demo on an EPS foam blank. Photo: Tim Davis


    The same hands that helped Pipeline surfers reach new heights of performance in the '70s. Photo: Tim Davis


    Gerry's finished product. Photo: Free

    [Video courtesy of Crystal Cove Media.]


    Dan Malloy also had some time in the shaping bay. Dan shaped an alaia with guidance from John Birchim. Photo: Jason McCaffrey


    Dan Malloy talking with the head of Patagonia Japan, Takayuki Tsujii, in front of the Danny Hess booth. Danny's boards along with Fletcher Chouinard's were featured in Thomas Campbell's recent film The Present. Photo: Free

    Being mindful of the Campbell Brothers / Moonlight Glassing booth. Photo: Free

    Bonzers new and old from the Campbell Brothers. Photo: Free

    DK checks out a modern version of the original Bonzer design. I had to pry this board from his hands. Photo: Free

    Legendary Santa Barbara shaper Reynolds Yater. A 10' Yater Spoon holds a fond place in my quiver. Photo: Free


    As we mentioned in our previous post, Chadd Konig and Nole Cossart, are currently on a paddleboard trip from Gaviota all the way down to Mexico, surfing their alaias along the way, in order to raise awareness for The duo took time from their paddle to shape an alaia for the show. This is Chadd oiling up their design. Photo: Free

    One of the big draws was the Tribute to the Masters Shape-off presented by Channel Islands. This year the shape-off paid its respects to late Santa Barbara shaper John Bradbury. Here we see DK checking out the old Bradbury boards on display. Photo: Free


    Creative Freedom Surfboards by John Bradbury. Photo: Free

    Participating in the shape-off were Max McDonald, Matt Moore, Marc Andreini, Randy Cone and Wayne Rich. Each shaper was tasked with recreating a specific John Bradbury design. Here we see the finished products from everyone but Wayne Rich. Photo: Free


    Wayne Rich started his tribute demo by erecting a small shrine in honor of his friend John Bradbury. Instead of recreating one of John's production models, Wayne shaped one of John's personal boards. Photo: Free


    We caught up with Wayne right as he began to mow down the blank he'd just outlined. The board he replicated can be seen in the background. Wayne is one of the most respected shapers and surfers in the Santa Barbara area. His boards can be seen almost daily in the lineup at Rincon. All photos in the series by Free.


    Foam dust.


    Level? Check.


    Side view before starting in on the rails.


    The rails start to take shape.


    Taking down the nose.


    Finishing touches.


    After he was done, Wayne Rich broke out a handmade wood box...


    ...with a note inside for his late friend. Tribute indeed. 

    Thanks to everyone featured above and to the Sacred Craft crew for putting on a great event. See you in the water.

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