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    Bike To Work Week Wrap Up

    Floriston Last week's Bike-to-Work celebrations kept our dedicated team of coordinators hopping - volunteers made sure events were supplied and staffed, area business folks presented informational clinics on everything from bike tuning to trip planning and route-finding, and supporting businesses offered prizes designed to spread the word and keep the stoke alive. Employees rallied, too, with daily cycling participation hovering near the 20% mark.

    In Ventura, motivated commuters staged a Critical Mass-style commute from Carpinteria to the home base in Ventura - many riders joining the pack logged well over 20 miles one way to take part in a fun, no-drop community ride culminating in a victorious arrival and delicious Riders Only breakfast. A rugged duo from our Reno Distribution Center helped set the standard for their crew with a foggy and frosty 30-mile ride through the mountains from Truckee, California, earning them a showcase spot on the local news.

    Great weather, good vibes, and motivated people helped make this one of the best Bike to Work Weeks yet, but the new Goose Tracking System made a special contribution. Hit the jump to check out the results:

    [Patagonia Dealer Services rep, Mark Blume is enjoying a definite transportation alternative - his 30 mile ride with fellow Pat. employee Rob Flesher followed a winding course over the river, through the woods, and along a smattering of climbers' trails - all within sight of the busy interstate that stretches clear from California to Pennsylvania.]

    Program Impact As mentioned in an earlier post, the partnership with Seattle-based Goose Networks gave us a new way to track our non-pact - which is to say the impact we're NOT making through the mighty united pedal power of Bike To Work Week.

    Part-way through the week, one of our Environmental Coordinators wrote to inform us of the following:

    So far Patagonia employees nationwide, via bike related activities this week have:
     1.  Traveled 4,699 miles which is about the distance from Anchorage, Alaska to Miami Florida
     2.  Reduced CO2 emissions by 3,467 pounds which is equivalent to emissions generated in one day by 130 H3 4WD Hummers traveling 25 miles each.

    Alas, the Goose tool is still in development and Bike to Work Week was its first big roll-out to our nationwide staff. One thing we can't yet see is a convenient weekly summary (cumulative views are offered in 3, 6 and 12-month increments). Still, our jaws dropped when we saw the numbers racked up in the short 3+ weeks that Patagonia employees have been adding to it.

    The numbers (company-wide):

    Vehicle Miles Traveled reduced - 25,946
    Number of Automobile trips reduced - 4,183
    CO2 reduced - 19,015 lbs.
    Gas saved - 978 gals
    Vehicle savings - $7,487.18

    These numbers give bike commuters a reason to feel proud. But pride's rarely a fitting substitute for a good time, which is why the end-of-week wrap-up parties are such a good time. This year, BBQs, races and killer raffles from Dahon and New Belgium gave participants and spectators alike plenty of reason to look forward to next year's BTWW celebration. Here's a sample of the good times:

    Frosty and foggy, Mark Blume gets an invigorating start on his 30-mile ride from Truckee, California to our Reno, NV Dist. Center. Photo: Rob Flesher.

    Thinking the bike was a better option than the train. Photo: Rob Flesher

    Employees chose all kinds of bikes for their BTWW commute. Here, the iron steeds await a higher purpose. . .  Photo: Kevin Lyons

     . . . the now-sure-to-be-annual Adult Childrens' Tricycle Race. Yes, it's true. If you were having a hard time getting a hold of us on the phone Friday afternoon, this is why. Photo: Ron Hunter

    Race coordinator Kim Jardine shows why she's the lady in charge, putting the stirrups to racer Nick Ogden. Photo: Ron Hunter

     . . . you can almost hear Chariots of Fire. Photo: Ron Hunter

    Racers in Heat #2 round the truck turn-around - where they surprised a couple of unsuspecting Outlet customers. Photo: Ron Hunter

    Heat #3 and the rules are going by wayside as contestants go for broke. Photo: Ron Hunter

    [UPDATE: A few more photos added and additional sponsors and volunteers acknowledged below]

    Custom BTWW 2009 shirts printed by Kevin Lyons in pure punk style (read: at home, in his garage).

    Meanwhile, in Ventura . . .


    The Thursday before Bike to Work Week, employees who are skilled in bike maintenance volunteered their services (okay, they were paid in burritos) to help everyone get their rides dialed. Thanks to everyone who got their hands dirty: Damien Fabre, Joe Tayag, Kevin Cotleur, Mark Shimahara, MJ Busch, Steve Schwartzendruber, Steve Wages and Stuart Bjornlie. Photo: Free


    For some, riding in wasn't enough. Only a themed ride would do. Here we have the Plaid Peloton. Photo: Christina Speed


    Thank you to the following departments for cooking breakfast for the riders: Creative Services, Accounting, Sample Room, Legal, Web Team.


    More incentive. Did anyone see The Dead on their recent tour? LA rocked.


    Wednesday "Bike Around the Lake" lunchtime ride during Bike To Work Week. Lake Casitas is in the background. L to R: John ("The Old Red Lantern") Mirk, Tom Christopher, Rob Bent, Keala Anderson, Ben Faulman, Sierra Alder, Steve Richardson, Jenny Uehisa, Nicole Bassett, Mary Looby and Alex ("Our Fearless Leader") Yanez. Photo: Jenny Uehisa


    Chipper Bro and Aly work the raffle during Ventura's wrap-up event. The grand prize was a beautiful cruiser donated by New Belgium. Thank you New Belgium! Photo: Free


    You too can win a bike from New Belgium. Enter here.


    Among the Patagonia Retail stores, a Dahon folding bike was given to the employee who rode the most miles during the week. Dahon founder, Dr. David Hon, is pictured here with two of his creations. Thank you to Dahon!


    A closer look at the Dahon Speed P8.


    Santa Barbara favorite McConnell's Ice Cream was on hand to help everyone get back a few of the calories they burned off riding to work. McConnell's ice cream is all-natural and they brought compostable bowls and spoons. Thank you McConnell's! Photo: Free


    All of the raffle prizes were bike-related. Thank you Terri for organizing the prizes and thanks to all of the companies that donated prizes to the cause. Check 'em out the next time you need a new ride, new parts, some refreshment or a gift for your favorite cyclist:

    New Belgium

    Dahon Bikes

    McConnell's Ice Cream

    Honest Tea


    Honey Stinger

    WTB - tires, saddles & wheels


    Patagonia Footwear

    Resource Revival

    Re-Cycled Accessories

    Flower Pedal

    Kinetic Koffee

    Bell Helmets


    Clif Bar


    Ben & Jerry's

    Reno Bike Project

    Bicycle Warehouse

    Kiss My Face

    Open Air Bicycles

    Bern Unlimited

    GU Sports




    Big Agnes

    Blue Seventy

    A special thanks to all of the volunteers on the Reno BTWW committee who helped make this year's events happen: Lloyd Stradley, Derek Smitherman, Alli Charchallis, Jan Fisher, Kevin Lyons, Meghan Sural, Robb Wolf, Nick Ogden, Jeremy Creighton, Megan Sells, Carlos Ayala, Chia Snyder, Kim Jardine's Reiley (not to mention the BTWW maestr-ess herself, Kim Jardine), Chris Carroll, and Team Soda.

    Thanks as well to the Ventura BTWW committee for all their efforts: Alex Yanez, Alison Coon, Allisan Pettitt, Brett Krasniewicz, John Mirk, Lisa Myers (lead organizer), Maggy Wages, Maile Schulbach, Ryan Thompson, Stephanie Paralitici, Steve Richardson, Terri Laine, Whintes Brice and Chipper Bro.

    That does it for another year of Bike to Work Week coverage but it certainly doesn't mean the end of biking to work. Every week is bike to work week folks. It's up to you to make it happen.

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