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    Urban Drifter - Video Recap of Rob Machado's Screening of "The Drifter" at Patagonia Cardiff

    [Video: Urban Drifter by Ian O'Roarty via YouTube]

    For those of us who couldn't make Patagonia Cardiff's recent screening of The Drifter with professional surfer Rob Machado, here's a sweet little recap from filmmaker Ian O'Roarty. Rob and Jon Swift played live music for the crowd as they filed into the venue and after the movie during the bonus surfing footage. The event was free but over $600 was donated by the crowd to benefit the Rob Machado Foundation. Special thanks to Wegener Surfboards and Nixon Watches for their contributions.

    You can follow Patagonia Cardiff on Twitter and Facebook for news on future events.For more music from Jon Swift, check out Sweetgrass Productions' latest ski/snowboard film Signatures.

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