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    Witness for Wildlife - Citizen Naturalists Working to Defend Critical Habitat

    Corridor1 John Muir said it was wise to “….break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”

    He was a witness of wild things and wild lands, so precise and relentless in his testimony that when he spoke to Teddy Roosevelt about an area he loved high in the Sierra Nevada, the president listened and Yosemite National Park was born.

    Now it’s your turn. Witness for Wildlife (W4W) is a new initiative from the Freedom to Roam Coalition. The Coalition is dedicated to connecting and preserving corridors for animals (and people) so they can safely move between protected areas. W4W inspires trips into the wildlife corridors of the continent, for people to hike, climb, paddle and camp, to witness the wonders of the wildlands and the importance of connected habitat.

    You can join a growing community of Witness for Wildlife citizen naturalists, to share stories, images, and video from your trips, and learn how to take action to protect critical corridors.
    Patagonia has created a site for you to explore Witness for Wildlife trips. Last summer, we partnered with some great conservation groups who traveled into several wildlife corridors. Read about the threat of bark beetle kill in the mountains of Colorado and about bighorn sheep in the Nevada desert. Let these trips inspire you! And if you are already out there, witnessing, enjoying and protecting the wild world, we invite you to join the efforts of Witness for Wildlife by becoming a "Citizen Naturalists" and sharing your stories.

    [Top - A citizen naturalist tries to get the lay of the land during an inaugural Witness for Wildlife trip to study the impact of proposed development on this area of bighorn sheep migration. Photo: Ron Hunter. Left - Desert bighorn sheep Photo: Lynn B. Starnes/ US Fish and Wildlife Service]

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