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    Dirtbag Diaries: Tales of Terror Volume 3

    by Fitz & Becca Cahall

    DBD_Tales_of_TerrorEver walked through the woods late at night and felt like you were being followed? Had a strange feeling about someone you just met? Or had an encounter with the strictly inexplicable that led you, abruptly, to pack up and bail? Often, we rationalize these instincts – just a bird in the trees cracking limbs, just a strange fellow with good intentions, or, well, our senses simply must have failed us. But what about when these warning signals don’t go off? Today, Micah McNulty, Trey Johnson, and George Braun bring us stories of the times that intuition didn’t kick in when maybe it should have.

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    And just like last year, our cuddly receptionist, Joyce, is ready to greet you at Patagonia HQ today. Just don't make her cry...

    [Welcome to Patagonia. Would you like some coffee? Tea? A warm bottle? Photo: Kasey]

    We also had some nifty pumpkin carvings posted to the Patagonia Facebook timeline. Props to all of the creative carvers.

    [Pumpkin by Ryan Garnsey]

    [Pumpkin by Justin Gosser]

    [Pumkin by Donnie Arthur, "...modeled after the Patagonia Trout logo"]

    [Pumkin by Mike Galbreath. Hope you won those lift tickets, Mike.]

    [Pumkin by Patagonia Hathersage for a window display]

    [Update: This just in via Twitter. Pumpkin by Jarrod Turnage]

    Happy Halloween!



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