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    Podclimber & Timmy O'Neill Part Two

    Lgjapfood In part two of Podclimber's behind-the-scenes with Timmy O'Neill and the making of the Common Threads Garment Recycling video things get a little more uncommon. Timmy and Morning Glory Farr visit a Buddhist temple, interview Nagai from the Patagonia Shibuya store and have a run-in with the bidet in their hotel room. Patagonia is not responsible for the splash damage from this episode.

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    Weekend Entertainment: Podclimber Goes Behind the Scenes with Agent Timmy

    Lgjapkaraoke The audio/video wizards over at Podclimber are featuring a series of podcasts with Patagonia ambassador Timmy O'Neill and the crew who made our Common Threads Garment Recycling video. Host LarryB goes behind the scenes during the making of the video to give us a listen at what exactly went down in Tokyo, Japan. Big thanks to Podclimber for putting these together. We'll feature all three episodes throughout the coming week, starting with episode one right here. Have a great weekend everybody and thanks for visiting The Cleanest Line.

    The Story Behind the Undies Video - Episode 1

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