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    Mokelumne River – Filming and Fighting for Wild and Scenic Designation

    by Mike E. Wier

    Mokelumne River 2

    For years, my brother and I had to sneak into one of our favorite sections of our home river, the mighty Mokelumne. The land surrounding both sides of this section of the river is owned by the East Bay Municipal Utility District. They had big “No Trespassing” signs up along their barbed wire fences.

    We, however, strongly considered the river to belong to everyone. So every once in a while we would float down through the rapids on inner tubes and stop in the beautiful and secluded pools to swim or try catch-and-release fly fishing. Along the way we’d check out the old miners’ trails and wild flowers, or stop at the ruins of the historic mining town of Middle Bar, or imagine we were Mewuk people catching Salmon in the river and admiring the giant blue oaks that produce so many acorns.

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    Just Released: SoulFish 2 - Fish Mode

    Mikey weir Good news to all you trout-chasers sidelined by swollen creeks this season: SoulFish2, Fish Mode from the Burl Productions is now available on DVD. Fire up the video while you're waiting for the waters to mellow out and enjoy footage from choice locations around the world. Here's a note from Burl Productions' founder and Patagonia Flyfishing Ambassador, Mikey Weir. - Ed

    After 3 years in the making, SoulFish 2, Fish Mode is ready. It’s been an amazing journey that has taken us all around the world and allowed me the fortune of spending time with some of the most dedicated anglers on this planet. It’s a privilege to finally share these stories in our latest feature-length flyfishing travel documentary.

    Our crew survived camping near black wolves during a 140-mile float in remote Mongolia; scorpions, spiders and man-eating crocodiles in Egypt; banditos in Mexico; freezing temperatures in B.C.; rugged and remote backcountry hikes in California; suprising cold on the marshes of Louisiana; and the hot tropic environments of Belize and Hawai'i; all to bring you the very best in flyfishing videography. SoulFish2, Fish Mode explores the minds and travel habits of some of the most notable characters in the fly-fishing industry today including: Ralph Cutter, April Vokey, Jeff Currier, Brent Dawson, Jonathan Boulton, Coach Duff, Richard McPherson, Mike Copithorne, Bryan Carter, Peter Mullett and myself (Mikey Wier), among many others. Join us for the ultimate adventure in search of the world's greatest fishes. With over 10 years of filming experience behind us, I’m proud to say that this is BURL Productions finest work to date. 

    Hit the jump to watch a trailer from the new movie, and find ordering information.

    [Mikey Weir on location in Mongolia, from the original SoulFish video.]

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    From White Lines to Tight Lines, Shifting Seasonal Gears w/ Mikey Weir & Friends

    4thlines What looks to be the last winter storm of the season has just pulled out of the area and winter seems to be drawing to a close in the Sierra. It's time to shift gears. No doubt we'll eat those words with a final flurry of crop-crushing cold, but still, now's the time to reflect on a season that's been epic for many (ahem, Colorado) and surprisingly not-so-bad for others (uh, yeah, that'd be us).

    So here's one for all the pow-hounds out there. Pour yourself a barley-pop and enjoy some images of tasty Sierra lines. They come to us courtesy of Patagonia Ambassador Mikey Weir, who has every bit as much fun hitting the water when it's frozen as he does when it's flowing. When he's not earning his living as a professional fishing guide and filmmaker, Mikey (who's also a pro snowboarer) turns his keen eye toward some of Tahoe's choice pickings. Mikey actually sent us these shots earlier in the season, but the mostly rider-less images seemed like a perfect way to cap off the season. After all, sometimes the best part of a run is looking back the turns you've carved. Feel free to share your reflections on the season in our comments section.

    Oh! And to help complete the transition, stay tuned for an upcoming story about Mikey's adventures taimen hunting in Mongolia. For now, here's Mikey on those Tahoe lines:

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    Kalmiopsis - Fly Fisherman Mikey Wier Searches for Steelhead in the Oregon Wilderness

    Tree_glow_2 Even if you're not an angler, I highly recommend taking the time to read this story. It comes from Mikey Wier, a professional snowboarder and fly fishing guide who founded Burl Productions. Mikey's words are thick with the aura of appreciation that comes from having just returned from a Wilderness area. As you read this tale, there's a good chance you'll think back on your last trip into untamed nature and begin to relive the feeling while sitting in front of your computer -- a wonderful thing indeed. From Mikey:

    It’s 6 am and I’m going over a mental checklist of things I “need” to survive in the wilderness for a few days. I’m always afraid I might forget one of the things that will make me think "oh, crap" later. Headlamp, camera battery, bivy sack, enough food. We’re on the road at 6:30 and by then it’s too late to worry any more. The cold morning air fills my lungs and colors my breath into cloudy vapors. Speeding along in a car, the outside world passes fast. Even while looking out the window, it’s easy to miss the small details, like a bug crawling on a branch, or a salamander swimming in a creek pool. I can’t wait to reach the trail head. I’ve been indoors too much this month and my body longs for the sun and crisp air. It’s the call of the wild.

    [All photos by Justin Baillie]

    Time in the car passes with catch up conversations between my brother, Eugene and I. Justin Baillie, who made the drive from Tahoe to Southern Oregon with me the day before, was just getting to know Eugene. We shared the research each one of us had done in preparation for the trip. Eugene produced some great photos he had printed off of Goggle Earth. We looked over the topography and bends in the river. It looked passable on paper. Conditions and circumstances had already thwarted us from reaching the headwaters on two different attempts.

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