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    "...they're old and we're young"

    C'est vrai, Pierre!

    Seriously though, check out this great interview with the CEO of Etnies.  Many of you may remember Etnies as being the first company to offer a sneaker contract, to a professional skater, back in 1990.

    Solar power, sustainable fabrics, water based glue...these guys are doing it real big. Keep up the great work and let TwoSevens know when I can pick a deck made from reclaimed wood!

    Introduction to Greasel Conversion

    Biofuel2 Ever since Bend to Baja took the Interwebs by storm in late 2005, we've received a pretty steady flow of inquiries from friends and customers about how they can convert their own diesel rigs to run on straight vegetable oil. A recent article from the Santa Barbara Independent serves as a nice primer for anyone interested in going greasel. And for more inspiration, check out Hot Buttered Rum's CD "Well-Oiled Machine" especially the title track. Their tour bus runs on greasel.

    Read "The Hows and Whys of Fueling Up with Vegetable Oil"

    [With thanks to the SB Independent. Photo: Keith Malloy strains used veggie oil for his greasel rig. Photo by Jeff Johnson]

    To Helga and Back

    Dirtbag3 The latest episode of The Dirtbag Diaries went live on Thursday for your podcasting pleasure. From the site:

    Many of us associate our vehicles with freedom, independence and youth. Even as we come to terms with the fact that automobiles may be an unnecessary evil, it's hard not to think back to that first surf or climbing trip and day dream about open windows, loud music and a best friend riding shotgun. Can a hunk of metal have a soul? What happens when the motor finally stops running? This week we bring you the sometimes-true tale of a 1974 Mitsubishi Sigma, a boy on the cusp of adulthood and a life changing journey across Australia.

    Episode Three - The Great Big Garage in the Sky (click to listen; right-click to download)

    [With thanks to Fitz Cahall]

    I See London, I See France . . .

    Joern Zeller of Patagonia's Pro Sales Dept. in Europe shows off a true French ski bum during Frenchee_2 a recent visit to the High Sierra. Joern's part of a unique international community of skiers who call themselves Telemarkzone. They've made it their mission to travel the globe demonstrating skiing as one of the most natural ways to connect with mountain environments. Check out to learn more about their travels and view an outstanding movie trailer about their 2006 trip to Kamchatka.

    [Redefining the powderhound rally cry "Strip It and Rip It!!" Photo: Tobias Luthe]

    Step It Up This Saturday

    Stepitup1 Thanks to the organizers at Step It Up 2007, this Saturday, April 14, is shaping up to be a huge day of action for climate change. The message is simple: "Step it up, Congress! Cut Carbon 80% by 2050." Please join us for one of the many events being held at or near Patagonia Retail Stores around the country. And if you feel inclined, send us some photos from your day and we'll post them on The Cleanest Line (photo submission details are in the About section).

    Washington, DC - Hosting the International Ecotourism Society and the Sierra Club in store to discuss their joint work on a campaign to spread info and action on all aspects of carbon neutrality in the travel industry.

    Seattle - Hosting a photo exhibit from local artists who have traveled around the world photographing people facing global climate change. Seattle will also be advertising the other local Step It Up rallies, and the employees are challenging each other to lower their own carbon footprints as part of their store goals.

    Ventura - Educating the public about alternative fuels and energy sources for cars by displaying a veggie-fuel car, a bio-diesel car, and a hybrid car in their parking lot as a way to inform people about the different methods of cutting emissions. An update of future technologies for electric cars, as well as stats involving global warming and the importance to act will be featured.

    Boston - Hosting speakers in store about how carbon emissions are affecting their community and the earth.

    Salt Lake City - Attending the local rally, where speakers will be urging citizens to write their state an national legislators in support of this initiative. The store will be providing supplies and legislator addresses for attendees who wish to write and send a letter while at the rally.

    Chicago - Promoting the big event to customers. IGO, Chicago's car sharing program that the store supports, and alternative transportation information will be available. Customers can also sign letters to legislators to fight proposed coal power plants. 

    St. Paul - Partnered with Sierra Club to promote a rally on the Capitol Mall in St. Paul, MN.

    San Francisco - Tabling at The Center for Biological Diversity event, and donating products for prizes.

    Santa Cruz & Cardiff - Promoting local events and rallies.

    What's Up Wednesday

    A few noteworthy links to get you over the hump:

    Undersea Mining - Bringing the joys of resource extraction to an ocean near you.

    Damming Patagonia - The effort to block several hydroelectric dams in Patagonia is gaining momentum.

    Alpinists on Global Warming - Y.C. and other climbers talk about the changes they've witnessed at altitude.

    Patagonia Surfboard on Ebay - Buy the board Jack Johnson rode in A Brokedown Melody. Autographed. 80% of proceeds will benefit leukemia, cancer and AIDS research.

    [With thanks to Ken and Nate.]

    Hearing Simple

    Fifteen year-olds scare me to death. I’ve never been cool, and 15 was when my nerdiness fleshedSimple out in all its glorious fullness. And now, the great karmic card dealer has dealt me this hand: I’ll be living with a whole posse of them in the Tetons for the next three weeks.

    I’m used to guiding grown-ups, teaching adults how to travel through wild places, climb remote peaks, and go poo in the woods. Adults are comfortable and easy—they are, well, just like me in a lot of ways. But I’m a guide, which means most adults are quick to point out that I am, well, just like these 15-year-olds in a lot of ways.

    [Hearing simple, somewhere in Wyoming. Photo: localcrew]

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    Greenie & the Man Truck

    P4010037 Today's post comes from Matt O'Conner of Boulder, Colorado. Matt's currently running Franklin Handholds and sells climbing walls for the Eldorado Wall Company. He also keeps his own blog. His letter isn't the first of its kind – we've received many similar stories from customers over the years – but it's the first we've received since launching The Cleanest Line and we're happy to share it. If you've had a unique relationship with one of our products, send us your story and a picture or two. Contact details are in the About section. 

    20 Years of Building Brand Loyalty - Greenie & the Man Truck

    A lot of things have happened to me over the last 20 years. I attended UNH and climbed extensively in the North East. I moved to Colorado 15 years ago for better snow, many more sunny days, and the expansive quantity of rock. I met my wife and bought a house. I started fly fishing. Quite a bit if stuff, really. And if I look at everything I own now compared to everything I owned then, only a couple things are still around. One of them is Greenie - the lined Synchilla jacket in this photo.

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    Action Alert: Help Save Yellowstone Grizzlies

    Grizzlyonshore Following up on his recent talk at Patagonia HQ, Doug Peacock just sent us the following letter on behalf of Yellowstone Grizzlies. Make sure and click the "Continue reading" link for details on how you can help. Your support is greatly encouraged and appreciated.

    Dear Friends:

    On March 29, 2007, the Department of the Interior removed federal protection for Yellowstone’s grizzly bears under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). On April 29th this “de-listing” will take effect. Only a challenge in federal court can stop this final ruling.

    I believe this decision will mark the beginning of the end of the grizzly in the contiguous states. Here are three reasons:

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    The Flip Side of Ethanol

    Biofuel1_2 Check out this recent article in the LA Times - Ethanol Market, USDA Policies Shrink Conservation Reserve by Tim Reiterman - about how the government's plan to boost corn production to meet rising ethanol demands could adversely affect our conservation areas. It's a great article because it shows how switching to less environmentally harmful practices on one front can result in harmful consequences on others...if we're not vigilant and willing to keep working on lessening our environmental footprint. For this reason, environmentalists can't stop to celebrate each environmental "victory." Otherwise, the rising interest in biofuels to help curb oil production could just result in the degradation of invaluable habitat - whether it's wetlands converted to corn fields in the US or rainforest to palm oil plantations in Indonesia!

    Read the article

    [The recycled-veggie-oil powered Bend to Baja rig. Photo: Jeff Johnson]

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