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    Patagonia Palo Alto Now Open; Join Us for the Grand Opening Festivities

    Palo_alto4_2 Come celebrate the Grand Opening of our new Patagonia store in Palo Alto at 525 Alma Street on Saturday, July 14. We will be giving away great gifts, including a $1,000 Patagonia Gift Card at the end of the day, serving refreshments and presenting a check for $5,000 to a local environmental group in support of their work. There are many worthy recipients in the area (see the list below), and we need your help in selecting our honoree.

    Simply click this link to help us determine which group should receive our donation – Please cast your vote by JULY 9, 2007. The group that gets the most votes will receive $5,000 at our Grand Opening. Stop by the store between 10 am and 6 pm on that day to find out which group was selected.

    The candidates are:
    Environmental Volunteers
    Greenbelt Alliance   
    Center for Ecosystem Survival
    Sierra Club - Loma Prieta Chapter
    Ventana Wildlife Society

    Patagonia Palo Alto
    525 Alma St. (free parking nearby)
    Hours: Monday-Saturday 10-6 & Sunday 11-6

    Palo_alto1 Palo_alto2 Palo_alto3

    No Big Deal

    NobigdealtitleFitz Cahall brings us another wonderful tale for the virtual campfire today. In a sea of podcasts the Dirtbag Diaries is a rare species, one of the few honest and inspiring options for outdoor enthusiasts. Please help spread the word by turning on your friends and family to this unique podcast. And now, Episode 7, No Big Deal:

    In 1996, photographer John Burcham and three friends completed the first foot traverse of the 650-mile long Alaska Range. Together, they forded streams, chased off curious grizzlies and crossed crevassed glaciers. After 75 days, they had become a single unit. After delays mounted, Burcham decided to leave the group at the very end of the trip in order to make it to his sister’s wedding. They said goodbye and parted ways. He was alone in the continent’s last great wilderness with a sobering realization -- crevasses, hungry wildlife and hypothermia can kill you, but loneliness can drive you crazy.

    Listen to the MP3:
    Episode 7 - No Big Deal (right-click to download)

    Or watch the enhanced version with photos from John Burcham. Here's Part 1:

    Watch parts two and three of the enhanced version after the jump...

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    Mary Osborne Shreds and Serves in Central America

    A few months back we posted an update from Mary Osborne on her involvement with Robert August's Free Wheelchair Mission down in Costa Rica. Mary put together a short video of her trip to Central America, including some sweet footage of her surfing and some pics from her time volunteering at the wheelchair event.

    [Music by Sus Corez]

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