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    What is Your Surf Spot Worth?

    Craig_coppola The surf's up in Ventura today and even though surface conditions were not perfect this morning, there's definitely a buzz around the office. If you paddle out today, consider taking part in the following survey after your session. Thanks to Patagoniac Chad Nelsen for this submission:

    Researchers at UCLA are studying 22 surf spots in California to better understand the economic importance of some of California’s most popular surfing areas. In order to estimate the value of surfing areas and their economic contribution to coastal communities they are conducting an internet-based survey asking surfers to describe their last surfing experience (within 24 hours of the session). Survey results will be used in economic models that will improve our understanding of the value of surfing areas. In turn these results can help improve the protection and management of surfing areas.

    [Photo: Craig Coppola]

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    What's In a Name?

    W's Tosh Crew Neck SweaterW's Wailer SkirtW's Trench Town Hoody Jacket/Pants.

    Ja_flag Do the names of those products prompt anything to come to mind for you?  As a long time fan of reggae music and particularly, the collective and individual members of The Wailers, I was surprised and, initially, disturbed that Patagonia would reference these names for our clothing.

    This group used the power of music, a haunting melody, a simple lyric, as a way to fight against the poverty and injustice that they saw inflicted on their communities and others like it.  So powerful was this music, that Peter and Bob faced physical violence and assassination, respectively, in an attempt to silence them.

    Recently, a comment from one of our customers arrived in my inbox.  This comment led to a round of emails that has caused me to question some of my own assumptions.

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