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    How's the skiing?

    Jimbo The news reports are right, we finally got a good ol' fashion Sierra-style pounding this past weekend. Local resorts reported storm totals of 3 - 6 feet, depending on elevation and orientation to the storm track.

    Here at the Reno Distribution Center we saw some impressive winds, and snowfall rates in excess of 3 inches per hour (over an inch an hour is sufficient to dramatically increase avalanche risk). Local avalanche reports have mellowed out from Friday's "Extreme" to today's still-wary, but more mellow "Considerable."

    There's a lot of snow out there, and it's staying pretty nice and fluffy. If you're having a hard time getting a hold of someone here at Patagonia Reno all we can tell you is, Surf's Up.

    [Jimmy Fitz gets some of the weekend goodness. Photo: localcrew]

    One Percent for the Planet On Line Auction Raises $20,000

    Surfartstudios_3 Back before the holiday got into full swing, we told you about an online auction for One Percent for the Planet (1% FTP). The original story is posted here. We're pleased to offer this update on the results.

    Some true gems were available in their first-ever online auction, including a Jack-Johnson-signed guitar (below) beautiful artwork (like the print of Stained Glass Window by Frank Errickson from Surf Art Studios [above left]), and some outstanding trips to all variety of destinations.  1logo_stacked_rgb

    The combined efforts of the international network of environmentally philanthropic businesses that make up the 1% FTP roster and the generous support of many donors helped to raise nearly $20,000 with this first online auction.

    All told, the online auction offered over 100 items, ranging from a surf session for two with Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard and Chris Malloy, rafting in Mexico with Esprit Rafting Adventures, and a guided fly-fishing trip with Craig Matthews of Blue Ribbon Flies.

    Jack_guitar_2 Additional donations from supporting agencies included adventure trips, furniture, art, jewelry and business services, such as footprint calculations for individuals and businesses alike.

    Leading industry reporting group SNEWS covered the auction action, and reports: "The auction closed out a tremendous year of growth for 1% FTP. Their national ad campaign has appeared in Outside, Spin, Plenty, Surfing, Backcountry and Huck and they have succeeded in allocating over $30 million dollars to environmental non-profit organizations to date through an international network of over 800 companies."

    Congratulations to the crew at 1% FTP from Patagonia! Nice work. Keep building on that great momentum.

    [Top: A Print of Stained Glass Window by Frank Errickson from Surf Art Studios. Bottom: A Jack Johnson signed guitar from Brushfire Records.]

    Chilled to the Bone

    Belki_2 I am a total pussy when it comes to the cold. This is a true weakness that makes me crumble and fall. It is almost like a sickness that begins in my fingers and toes spreads to my lower back sending shivers through my body. Next the uncontrollable shaking sets in. Eventually the glacier-like flow of cold hits my chest. This is when I know I am going to be fighting for heat all day. Chilled to the bone I search for warmth in a race against the almighty flu that shortly follows this experience.

    I am on a small island that lies amongst the few remains once linking Tasmania and the mainland. Rugged and spectacular this island is surrounded by the icy waters of the treacherous Bass Strait and also lies in the path of the roaring forties. For those of you who are not familiar with this weather phenomenon, the roaring forties are produced by storms centered over Antarctica. The front travels with gale-like force up to the Great Southern Ocean, leaving a trail of upwelling from the polar depths.

    Sounds frigid right? I actually can’t believe that I agreed to come on a surf trip this far south. My kit for the cold consists of three key pieces: Down Jacket, new Beyond Coastal organic shea butter lip balm and an R3 full suit.

    [Halfway through the event we hunted out a small slow wave to ride Tom Wegener's quiver made of palonia wood. After losing the board hundreds of meters down the beach I carry the 12-foot parabolic back up the beach. Photo: Dane Peterson]

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    Introducing Freedom to Roam

    Freedom_to_roam_tee Happy New Year everybody ... it's good to be back. Our Tuesday hangovers are a distant memory and the first weekend of 2008 is shaping up nicely with a significant snow forecast in the Sierra.

    On the Patagonia front, we're excited to announce our new environmental initiative, Freedom to Roam. The goal of Freedom to Roam is to create migration corridors between protected areas so that wildlife can survive on an increasingly crowded and warming planet. Details on the initiative are now live on, including an introduction by Rick Ridgeway, a Web-exclusive essay by Doug and Andrea Peacock, an FAQ page, wildlife crossing videos, our first of many maps, and recommended books and sites. This is just the beginning so stay tuned. We look forward to working with each one of you as the campaign unfolds.

    Get the scoop on Freedom to Roam

    [Photo: Graphic from the new Freedom to Roam T-Shirt (Men's | Women's)]

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