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    Gas, Mass, and Smiles Per Mile - Bike To Work Week Brings Smiles and Solutions

    Honest_gas_price_4 The politicians keep saying it: "We need energy solutions now!" Stuck in the more-is-better mentality, their idea of solutions often involve more drilling, more exploration, more production, more . . .

    Bike to Work Week is always a good reminder that less is often a more rewarding option. Whether it's the rising gas prices or just the unbeatable good feeling that comes from making birdsong and breezes part of the morning commute, pedaling to work has been reason for more than a few smiles this week. Hit the jump for more pictures and happy faces.

    [The last honest gas station, Reno NV. Photo: localcrew]

    Some of the participants in our record setting day of 60 riders!  For those of you following the retail challenge, we'll have final results posted next week.





    A way better version of heavy traffic. Look at the smile on that girl out front!



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