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    Probably Not Riding His Bike This Week

    Bike to Work Week seems like the perfect time to have another look at how some people feel about the spirit of Bike to Work Week. This video was posted here earlier, under "Keeping Alternative Transportation on the Radar." This was back in the good-ol' days when oil was hovering around $100 a barrel. Regardless of whether or not Rep. McHenry (R, NC) is going to be pedaling to work, it sounds like he understands what Bike to Work Day/Week/Month is all about.

    The video can also be seen here:

    Bike to Work Week is all about positive energy toward positive changes. Our earlier posting of this video generated quite a few comments. It would be great to see more of your comments here. Better yet, share your thoughts with your representative(s). And maybe send a little pedal-powered love to Mr. McHenry.

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