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    Sacred Craft Surf Expo This Weekend


    WHAT: Sacred Craft Surfboard Expo
    WHERE: Wyland Exhibit Hall, Del Mar Fairgrounds, San Diego
    WHEN: October 11 & 12

    Sacred Craft is a celebration of board artistry and the commitment of shapers dedicated to a life of craftsmanship. The two day event has a tight focus, "because," as the Expo's website states, "deep down surfers only really care about two things: waves & the equipment to ride them." Attendees can look forward to shaping seminars with the pros, insight on the greening of the surf industry, and premiers for three fresh n' foamy films. A shape-off tribute to the legendary Bill Caster will highlight the show.

    Entry fee is a piggy-bank-breaking $5. If you're going, make sure to stop by the Patagonia booth at the Sacred Craft show and chat with Patagonia Surf Ambassadors Gerry Lopez and Dan Malloy, who will be there along with Fletcher Chouinard of FCD. Gerry Lopez will be in the Patagonia Surf Shop booth between noon and 4 p.m. and Gerry will sign a copy of his new book, Surf Is Where You Find It. Also, Dan Malloy will be talking quiver theory Sunday, Oct. 12 at Noon. FCD shaper Fletcher Chouinard and Patagonia wetsuit designer Glen Morden will be on hand all weekend to talk shop.

    Oh, and don't miss the chance to win a Patagonia R2 Frontzip Full Suit. You'll need to fill out an entry card to qualify, but don't worry, no purchase is necessary and you don't need to be present to win. The wetsuit giveaway recipient will be selected at the Patagonia booth at 3 p.m. sharp on Sunday, October 12.

    For more info on the expo visit or call Patagaonia Cardiff with questions: 760. 634.9886.

    Hope to see you there!

    24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell

    The_bag_in_paradise_2 "24 hours of what?" I cried into my cell phone.

    "24 hours of HELL," Kristo repeated.

    "Well, okay then, sign me up." He had answered my question and we left it at that.

    Two months later, I still didn't fully comprehend the meaning or significance of the event's name. I thought it might have something to do with an early Halloween themed party and I could not have been further from the truth. I simply shrugged my shoulders and carried on with my day to day. About once a week, I'd get some informative e-mails from the event organizer Andy Chasteen, followed by a few witty replies from some of our team members at Patagonia. Kristo Torgersen was our ring leader, and besides being a climber/surfer, his job was to make sure we all had tickets to the place they call the Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in central Arkansas. It was his decision to sponsor the event and it was with great pleasure that the rest of us arrived to see what all this "HELL" talk was all about. I mean, for Pete's sake, how bad could it be?

    [Brittany Griffith on bullet Arky sandstone at the Land of the Lost crag, Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, Arkansas. Photo: Jonathan Thesenga / Sonnie Trotter]

    At the airport, I heard my name from across the terminal, long time friend and Patagonia ambassador Brittany Griffith was waving at me to catch my attention and welcome me with a warm hug. Towering behind her was Kristo, still dressed in his Southern California get up, surf shorts, surf sandals, surf shirt and surf hair. We all laughed and piled into the rental car, a shinny red Volvo waiting outside.

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    Beyond and Back: Rivers Cuomo

    by Jeff Johnson

    I said in my initial entry that I would occasionally talk about or mention product. This is only because I am very passionate about technical product. I love it when a piece of gear works exactly how it was intended when used in the conditions it was designed for. For instance: when I'm making an anchor on the last pitch of the day and the sun drops below the horizon, a stiff breeze whips up the face and I unclip my Houdini jacket from my harness, unravel it from its perfectly compact ball and throw it on. All cozy and warm with a big smile on my face I sit on the ledge and belay my partner up to me. Or out on the town during a cold winter night in San Francisco I'm wearing my Das Parka and my friends are making fun of me saying, "Look at the Michelin Man … what a kook!" Then it's three in the morning and we're wasted, we don't have a ride, we can't get a taxi, and we're lost in Golden Gate Park. I just lay down in the wet grass all cozy and warm, a big smile on my face. "Who's the kook now," I say as I curl up in my Das Parka. These are the precious moments you remember and they are the reasons why you buy quality products you can trust.   

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    Makalu: Is that Red Light Supposed to be On?

    Gen4_ambass_house What do you do when the helicopter you booked is suddenly grounded with engine failure? You repack everything, get as close to the mountain as possible and haul ass on foot.

    In today's sat phone update from Nepal, Steve House describes how the Makalu trip almost ended in disaster, and he shares some tips on how to be successful at this game called expedition climbing.

    Listen to Makalu Update 3 (mp3 – 7:27 - right-click to download)

    Previous posts from the series:

    A Day at the Desk
    Update One
    Trekking, Snakes and Snow Monkeys

    [With thanks to Alex for the tech assistance. Photo: Tim Davis.]

    AK the Hard Way - World Premiere

    1% For the Planet member, Adventure Film Works announces their latest film, AK the Hard Way. The film documents the journey of three friends and their canine companion who believe in truly earning their turns. Possessed by the dream to ski Alaska's great peaks and legendary snow, they eschew airplanes and helicopters for the long drive and arduous human-powered ascents to win their summits. The result is an intimate portrait that serves as a reminder that in anything meaningful, the hard way is often the only way. The world premier of Adventure Film Works', AK the Hard Way, is October 8th, 2008 at Berkeley, CA's Pyramid Brewery. Doors open at 7 and tickets are $10.  A complete list of venues is available after the jump.

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    1% For The Planet - Help Spread the Word

    Our friends at 1% For The Planet have a new promotional video. Please consider embedding it in your blog or on your Web site to help spread the word. This piece uses member photographs, music by member-artist Matt Costa and was played on the jumbotron at all Jack Johnson shows throughout the summer.


    If your business has yet to become part of the solution, please consider joining the companies who've already committed to keeping Earth in business -- there are now almost 1,000 member companies in 30 different countries.

    Enviro nonprofits should also contact 1%FTP so you can get approved and added to the database. The only prerequisites are that you are a 501(c)(3) or international equivalent organization and that you are environmentally focused.

    One Percent for the Planet
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