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    Item #1 on the Simple Living List: Duct Tape

    Duct wallet I used to teach some classes at the local university. Feeling a little smarmy one-day, I assigned one group a research project, the topic: duct tape. And boy did those students deliver. While I can't recall a thing about their research paper, everyone in that class will remember 'til their dying day the presentation that accompanied it - a duct-tape fashion-show and exhibition par-excellence, featuring all manner of men's and women's fashion and accessories, even--yes, it's true--duct-tape "lingerie" (these were not, thank goodness, functional prototypes).

    Though we can't claim to personally know the individuals who recently surprised our Reno crew with this most excellent gift, I have suspicions one of those former students may be involved. Check out this handiwork from Duct Tape Creations. They're a small custom shop who's time has no doubt arrived. In the spirit of FCD's recent launch of wetsuit beer cozies, Duct Tape Creations is here to remind us that great timely inspiration comes from simple things. Purses, backpacks, wallets, guitar straps are just some of the fun and practical items they make. And while they don't appear to offer lingerie, they do take custom orders.Inner wallet

    Thanks to the Duct Tape Creations crew for a great surprise, and thanks for keeping things simple, fun, and positive.

    [A custom parking place for our spare simoleons. This gem is going in the archives!]


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