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    Slow is Fast – 2013 Book Tour Dates [Updated with Event Photos and Ordering Info]

    By Dan Malloy

    We are so stinking stoked to announce that our book Slow is Fast is finished! Starting on August 2nd, Kanoa, Kellen and myself will tour our new book (and the moving pictures DVD that comes with it) from Mill Valley to San Diego. Please join us if you have time. There will be good music (The John Stewards up north and Todd Hannigan down south), we will screen the movie, talk about the trip, answer your questions and drink free beer. The book will also be for sale. We haven’t figured out a price yet so just bring your whole piggy bank.

    A huge thank you to all of the Patagonia folks in japan who made our recent tour over there so much fun, especially Lisa Iida!

    [Above: Slow is Fast book trailer. Video by Woodshed Films. Hit the jump for some DVD outtakes, production photos and the book tour details. All photos courtesy of Dan Malloy. Update 7/29: added new book tour dates and photos from each event at the bottom of this post. Update: 10/21: the book and DVD are now available to order. Details at the bottom of this post.

    Look close at Kellen on the left. He had the worst case of food poisoning I had ever seen. It lasted the entire last week of our trip. This is the photo of us right after we decided to pull the plug. Day 57 or 58. Ventura.

    Not long after we started the book edit I realized once again that my brain is wired the old fashioned way. We did tons of work on the computer but found that this wall proved invaluable to the process. It forces me to work and excludes the possibility of watching You Tube videos of Derek Hynd finless at J-bay (go for it, it's totally worth it!) for the 800th time.

    Thanks to Jeff Canham, Mariko, Kellen, Steve Barilotti and Steve Sprinkle (of Sprinkle Media in SF not the farmer in Ojai, but he did help too), Kanoa picked up a box of books from the printer two days before our flight to premiere the project in Japan. We are really proud to say that every last bit of the production of this project took place in California.

    The video, "Moving pictures and extra features from the book," is also finished. We decided early on that we would not waste any time filming boring shots of us riding our bikes. That did force us to fill in a few gaps when we got home. Thanks to Tiffany Morgan Campbell and her green screen expertise you won't be able to tell what is real and what is not, just like the photo above. Movie magic!

    After many years on the road I have contracted a bit of the Cockney rhyming slang that is ever-present in Australia. When in Australia, saying, ‘Let's hit the frog and toad,’ is just a nice way of saying, ‘Let's hit the f#cking road.’ During our slow bicycle trip down the California coast ‘frog and toad’ became our daily mantra. Within a week of our departure, while simultaneously staving off boredom and pacifying our minds from the decent chance that we would be hit by a passing car, we adapted a newer application by adding the melody to Willie Nelson's timeless American classic ‘On the Road Again.’ We spent countless hours singing, ‘Frog and toad again, I just can’t wait to frog and toad again...’ while heading south. Thanks to Brotheryn Studios for recording this new version. I’ll be sure to thank them and Tiffany Morgan Campbell again when I win a Grammy for this one. Video: Frog and Toad

    Jason Frazier of Ventura taking his harmonica amp to Brotheryn Studios to work on the soundtrack. If we are lucky, he might join us on a few stops to play music during the California tour.

    Todd Hannigan and Jason Mariani at Brotheryn Studios have been an integral part of Woodshed Films for over 13 years. It was no different for Slow is Fast. I heavily leaned on the duo along with Xocoyotzin Moraza, Fernando Apodaca and Jonathan McEuen Jr. to take our 30-minute home movie and turn it into a presentable little collection of moving pictures and extra features from the book. After many years of being on the periphery of film projects, I am as convinced as ever that the soundscape of a film is more important than the visuals. Because of the Brotheryn team effort I am proud to say that 60% of the music in our short film was recorded specifically for Slow is Fast. Most importantly, on top of their creativity and tech capabilities, they are as funny as hell and a total blast to work with. A huge thanks also goes to Slaid Cleaves for granting us permission to use his amazing music. That is real country music if you ask me! Hannigan and the crew will be joining us to play live music for the southern part of our California book tour in early August. Hope to see you there. Video: Brotheryn Studios Extra Footage.

    We made it to Japan safely with a box of books in hand. The Patagonia crew always takes amazing care of us over there. They also make sure I get my dose of Japanese culture. When in Rome...

    In Japan, seeing an upper middle class mom riding her bike with two kids comfortably in tow is the norm (in beautifully designed bike seats, one in front, one in back). Between trains, bikes and cars, Japan seems to have the most balanced transit system I have ever seen. I was a little worried that Slow is Fast would come across as redundant over there, like, "Yeah, we already know that dummy!"

    Kanoa was asked to show a collection of photos from our book at the Slope art gallery in Tokyo.

    Proud as punch at the farmers market next door to Patagonia headquarters in Japan. Look close at his shirt. In an effort to promote the farmers market a local artist made a screen print of his favorite farmer.

    While in Kamakura, any free time we had was spent at Paradise Baking & Company. I have a good feeling that the "company" in their title has a lot more to do with prioritizing good vibes than profit margins. They have mastered the art of switching midday from locally roasted coffee to locally brewed beer. Please visit them if you ever happen to visit Kamakura. Just be prepared for your day to disappear, in a good way.

    Naomi and friends showed us slow food Japan-style. Get small or get out. We hope to see you on the California leg of our book tour (details below).

    Slow is Fast Book Tour 2013

    Proof Lab Station - Friday, 8/2
    254 Shoreline Hwy
    Mill Valley CA 94941
    Tel. (415) 888.2553
    Event start time @ 6pm
    Live music: The John Stewards

    Proof Lab Station - Friday, 8/2. Photo: Monika Phaneuf

    Mollusk - Saturday, 8/3
    4500 Irving St
    San Francisco, CA 94122
    Tel. (415) 564-6300
    Event start time @ 8pm
    Live music: The John Stewards

    Mollusk - Saturday, 8/3. Photos: Monika Phaneuf

    Harmony House Yoga - Monday, 8/5
    991 Price St
    Pismo Beach, CA 93449
    Tel. 805-773-0380
    Event start time @ 7pm
    Live music: Occasional Mustache
    Food + drink by Honeymoon Cafe

    Harmony House Yoga - Monday, 8/5. Portaits by Big Sur artist David "DZ" Zweifel. Photos: Kanoa Zimmerman

    Full of Life Flatbread - Wednesday, 8/7**
    225 West Bell St
    Los Alamos, CA 93440
    Tel. (805) 344-4400
    Music – Todd Hannigan + Xoco Moraza
    Event start time @ 7:30pm

    ** Purchase tickets for $35 at A Full of Life Flatbread dinner will be included in the price and will include local/seasonal ingredients + alcoholic beverage.

    Full of Life Flatbread - Wednesday, 8/7. Music by Todd Hannigan + Xoco Moraza. Photos: Monika Phaneuf

    Mob Shop Ojai - Saturday, 8/10
    110 W Ojai Ave
    Ojai, CA 93023
    Tel. (805) 272-8102
    Event start time @ 7:00pm
    Live music: Todd Hannigan, Xoco Moraza + Fernando Apodoca
    Food by The Blue Owl

    Mob Shop Ojai - Saturday, 8/10. Photos: Monika Phaneuf

    Patagonia Cardiff - Tuesday, 8/13
    2185 San Elijo Ave
    Cardiff, CA 92007
    Tel (760) 634-9886
    Event start time @ 7pm
    Live music: Todd Hannigan, Xoco Moraza + Fernando Apodoca

    Patagonia Cardiff - Tuesday, 8/13 with special guest Rob Machado. Photos: Modern Obscura (@modernobscura)

    Bird's Surf Shed - Wednesday, 8/14
    1091 W Morena Blvd
    San Diego Ca 92110
    Event start time @ 7pm
    Live music: Todd Hannigan, Xoco Moraza + Fernando Apodoca

    Bird's Surf Shed - Wednesday, 8/14. Photos: Monika Phaneuf

    Patagonia Ventura - Tin Shed Courtyard – Friday, 9/13
    235 W. Santa Clara St.
    Ventura, CA 93001
    Event start time @ 7pm
    Live music: Todd Hannigan and friends

    Patagonia Santa Monica - Wednesday, 9/18
    1344 4th Street
    Santa Monica, CA 90401
    Tel. (310) 395-6895
    Event start time @ 7:30pm
    Live music: Todd Hannigan and friends

    Patagonia Santa Monica - Wednesday, 9/18 . Photos: Jeff Johnson

    Patagonia Portland - 9/19 
    907 N.W. Irving St.
    Portland, OR 97209
    Tel. (503) 525-2552
    Event start time @ 7pm

    Patagonia Portland - Thursday, 9/19. Photos: Monika Phaneuf

    Patagonia NYC Bowery - 10/17
    313 Bowery
    New York, NY 10003
    Event start time @ 8pm
    Live music: Todd Hannigan and friends

    Patagonia NYC Bowery - 10/17 . Photos: Jeff Johnson

    To order...


    Slow is Fast (book + DVD) is now available through, select Patagonia Retail Stores (please call for availability) and Mollusk Surf Shop in San Francisco. International orders, please email

    Dan Malloy is a Patagonia ambassador and one of most respected figures in professional surfing. He lives with his wife near Lompoc and is a believer in the self-sufficient, well-rounded life, with farming and ranching keeping his hands busy between surf sessions.

    Still not sure what Slow is Fast is all about? Check out Dan's dispatches from the road: Part 1 & Part 2.




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