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    Patagonia Receives FLA Accreditation

    Footprint_2 Patagonia is proud to announce that as of October, 2008, we have become a fully accredited member of the Fair Labor Association.  While Patagonia was a founding member and active participating company in the Fair Labor Association since 1999, it was not until last month that we received the distinction of full accreditation. To achieve this honor, we adhere to the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct and ten company obligations. This includes carrying out a rigorous internal monitoring program executed by Patagonia, as well as submitting to unannounced, Independent External Monitoring audits of up to 5% of our factories each year. The FLA posts the results of its random audits on its website for everyone to see as part of its commitment to transparency.

    Picture_2 To achieve accreditation, Patagonia's program was reviewed by FLA staff to ensure the implementation of the required obligations for a participating company.  This gives a new level of creditability to our program as well as provides us guidelines for further improvement.  We are incredibly excited here at Patagonia to receive this accreditation as it is a culmination of the hard work of a lot of people in the company. Patagonia embeds social responsibility into the sourcing and production of its materials and products. We have made some changes in the past year to strengthen this integration. Factories must be reviewed to see if they are able to meet our social standards before we will place production there.

    [A modern-day Chinese clothing factory. Photo: Nicole Bassett.]

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    Country of Origin Information Available Online

    Footprint In early July of 2008 we announced the release of our factory list, available from the Leading the Examined Life portion of our site. As the post states, this was a big step for us. The Footprint Chronicles is our opportunity to maintain a higher level of transparency in our corporate practice. They were launched in the belief that within today’s corporate sustainability revolution lie some compelling stories, and that corporations themselves cannot be relied upon to always know which stories need to be told. The Footprint Chronicles provide an opening for more direct communication with customers. They are our chance both to tell what we are doing and to learn—from you—what it is we must do next.

    The publication of our factory list provides a perfect example of this process. Making our factory list public directly addressed customer concerns about Patagonia’s adherence to socially responsible manufacturing. But it opened the door for the next big question, "If Patagonia is looking for full transparency, why not publish the country of origin for each product in the printed and on-line catalogs?"

    We're happy to announce that we're doing exactly that. Hit the jump to find out more.

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    Patagonia's Factory List

    Factory_shotIf you visit the Leading the Examined Life section of, you'll notice we recently published the list of contract factories that cut and sew Patagonia product. This action got me thinking about our mission statement – "Make the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis." – for it was the inspiration of other companies that helped Patagonia implement solutions this time.

    While there are a number of brands that have published their factory lists, Patagonia took its inspiration from two companies in particular: Nike and Levi’s. It is probably strange to some that Patagonia is taking cues from such large companies. However, both Nike and Levi’s have long standing CSR programs and have been publishing their factory lists for a number of years now. And, well, if they can do it, shouldn’t we?

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    Your Thoughts on the Footprint Chronicles - All Just Eco Fluff?

    Footprint_2 Our Footprint Chronicles have generated a wide range of feedback. We've received a whole raft of incisive questions that have sent us scurrying off to do more homework. We've received some praise, most recently in the form of the "People's Voice" award in the 2008 Webbys. And we've received some criticism.

    We're grateful for all of the comments -- good and bad. The Footprint Chronicles was created to be a dialog, and toward this end, our Vice President of Marketing, Rob Bon Durant offers this response to one of the increasingly common criticisms being sent our way:

    We created the Footprint Chronicles to offer our customers a behind-the-curtain view, to shine a light in the dark belly of the whale. In the Chronicles, we look at both the good and, more importantly, the bad of our current environmental and social manufacturing practices. We hold no secrets, we are transparent in every way that we can conceive. We've had a number of customer responses to the Chronicles.

    Among the responses was this one: "Boy do you guys ever do a good job trying to paint a positive picture of your company. Why don't you just admit that your supreme aim is to make as much money as possible and all this eco stuff is fluff?"

    I oversee Marketing and Communications here at Patagonia and I'd  like to answer that one directly: 

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    Winner - Five Words for the Webby Awards

    Img_4359_2 After considering all of the great suggestions you folks submitted, Bill gave the following acceptance speech at this year's Webby Awards in New York City:

    "November 4th, Vote the Environment"

    That means the winner of The Cleanest Line T-shirt is ... rob! We asked rob to share a little bit about himself:

    I am just a regular guy who is working hard to ensure that my boys' best memories of youth will include a healthy dose of the outdoors, and hopefully a passion for activities that involve a board and water/snow. Thanks to the crew at Patagonia for creating gear that won't feel like hand me down after it's been handed down!

    Congratulations rob, and thanks for the timely suggestion. We've said it before and you'll hear it again, voting is one of the simplest forms of direct action one can take on behalf of the environment. The election this November will have a dramatic impact on the future health of our planet. It's time to make the environment a high-profile issue in the debates between the candidates at all levels of government. We hope you'll join us in spreading this simple but important message.

    Check out the full list of Webby Award speeches if you're curious what the other winners had to say. Our thanks go out to everyone who participated in the contest. We hope to do more of these in the future so stay tuned.

    [They don't call it "the Oscars of the Internet" for nothing. Red carpet interviews in front of the Cipriani Wall St. New York, New York. Photo: Bill Boland]

    Contest - Five Words for the Webby Awards

    Pvwinner_black_high Thanks to all the folks who voted for us, The Footprint Chronicles is a 2008 Webby Awards People's Voice winner in the Corporate Communications category. Dubbed "the Oscars of the Internet" the Webby Awards ceremony has all the red-carpet splendor of its big-screen brother, with one marked improvement: acceptance speeches can only be five words long.

    Bill Boland,'s creative director, will be accepting the award on June 10th in New York City, and he's asked me to ask you what his five-word acceptance speech should be.

    So, if you could only say five words on behalf of Patagoniacs everywhere, what would they be?

    Leave your five words in the comments by June 9 and we'll select our favorite. The winning entry will receive a very rare Cleanest Line T-shirt. This contest is open to everyone, including Patagonia employees (official rules here). When you leave your comment, be sure and include your email address in the email field so we can contact the winner (email addys are not displayed). And while you're thinking about what to say, check out some of the five-word winner speeches from ceremonies past.

    Update: The contest is now closed. We'll announce the winner in a separate post. Our thanks go out to everyone who participated.

    Footprint Chronicles Features 5 New Products

    Footprint We've been examining our life and habits as a company for years. The launch of The Footprint Chronicles is a way for us to share that examination with you and get your feedback on the process. The conversation has been a good one. You can participate either on our blog, or by writing us directly from any of the "Give Us Your Honest PuckerwareFeedback" links available within The Footprint Chronicles.

    If you've yet to see it, The Footprint Chronicles is one example of our commitment to Leading an Examined Life. It's an interactive mini-site that allows you to track the impact of several Patagonia products from design through delivery.*

    We launched The Footprint Chronicles with five products from last
    season and many of you offered great feedback. Recently, we updated the site with five new products from the current spring 2008 line. Continue reading for a preview of this season's new Footprint products.

    Gen9_webby_awardIt's also our pleasure to inform you that The Footprint Chronicles has been nominated for the 12th annual Webby Awards - the "Oscars of the Internet" - in the Corporate Communications category. If you appreciate The Footprint Chronicles and the message it conveys, please consider voting by the May 1st deadline. Thanks for your continued support.

    Cast your vote for the Webby People's Voice Award

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    Patagonia Reads with UCSB

    Tshirt_globalization_2 After a very successful inaugural launch last year Patagonia got involved again with the University of California Santa Barbara READS program. UCSB students and Patagonia employees were given The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy by Pietra Rivoli to learn more about globalization.

    Patagonia was asked to get even further involved and have representatives from the company speak as panelists at Santa Barbara county libraries over the course of a couple of weeks.

    As strange as this might sound, a book on globalization and trade, all following the story through a T-shirt’s life, was actually an easy read. So if that hasn’t fully sparked your interest to read this book, I thought I would give my thoughts on it for potential readers to know what you are about to engage in.

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    TreeHugger Interview with Y.C.

    Davis_t_0055 The all-things green blog TreeHugger recently conducted a two-part phone interview with Patagonia owner/founder Yvon Chouinard. Topics include growing the company, Patgonia 100 years from now, transparency and the Footprint Chronicles, the myth of sustainability, our "Pata-gucci" reputation, politics, and quality vs. quantity. As usual, Y.C. doesn't pull any punches. Head on over to TreeHugger where you can listen to the interview or read the transcripts.

    The TH Interview: Yvon Chouinard
    Part 1
    Part 2

    If haven't already, consider adding TreeHugger to your RSS feed or daily blogroll. The volume of posts they put out on environmental topics is staggering.

    [Photo: Tim Davis. With thanks to Sus and Jen.]

    Your Thoughts on The Footprint Chronicles - Part 3

    Footprint 0ur Footprint Chronicles were intended to ignite conversation every bit as much as corporate introspection. And the comments are starting to roll in. Below, you'll find some intriguing thoughts from among the very first responses we received to the Footprint Chronicles. In the interest of helping to zero-in our own focus on big issues, we've broken comments out into three separate themes: Materials, Energy Use, and Labor.

    In previous posts, comments focused mostly on issues pertaining to the Materials we use and the Energy involved in clothing production within a globalized economy. Today, we're considering some of the questions customers have asked us about where we make our goods.

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