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    The Master's Apprentice - Yvon Chouinard on Climbing with Fred Beckey


    In honor of the release of Fred Beckey's 100 Favorite North American Climbs from Patagonia Books, we recorded a short audio story in which Yvon Chouinard talks about his alpine apprenticeship with sensei Fred Beckey in 1961.


    Audio_graphic_20pxListen to "The Master's Apprentice" by Yvon Chouinard



    Fred Beckey's 100 Favorite North American Climbs is available now from and select book sellers. In the book, Fred offers up his characteristic mix of route tips, natural history and climbing lore for his 100 favorite climbs (with honorable mentions of a few more) -- it's the magnum opus of America's most prolific first ascensionist.

    Check out Patagonia Books for more titles.

    "The Master's Apprentice" first appeared in Alpinist 14, winter 2005.

    Top: Yvon and Fred reconnect for a day of climbing in 2010. Photo: Jeff Johnson


    HeadCount & Patagonia Music Interview Series: Guster & moe.

    It’s a double-shot of music this Monday to get your week started. Today, we have two new videos from the Patagonia Music Collective and our partners at HeadCount. First up, Adam Gardner and Luke Reynolds from Guster talk about their benefit track “Satellite” and the special concert where it was recorded. “Satellite” is a Patagonia Music exclusive and the proceeds benefit Reverb’s work to help make concert tours, and concert goers, more environmentally conscious.

    Next up, our friends from moe. – with whom we share a big passion – introduce and play their benefit track “One Life” at the special All Good Music Festival acoustic set that was made possible by Patagonia Music supporters like you. “One Life” is a Patagonia Music exclusive and the proceeds benefit the Rainforest Action Network’s critical work.

    Hopefully you ran into HeadCount out on the festival circuit this summer. Their work will really start to heat up next year as they help register voters for the 2012 elections. Visit the HeadCount blog for great stories from the road and their passionate volunteer crew. For more interviews from HeadCount and the Patagonia Music Collective, check out our previous posts with Blitzen Trapper’s Eric Earley, and G. Love and Samantha Stollenwerck.

    HeadCount & Patagonia Music Interview Series: G. Love and Samantha Stollenwerck

    The Patagonia Music Interview Series continues thanks to our friends at HeadCount. This time, G. Love and Samantha Stollenwerck talk about their benefit track "Ooh Dee Ooh" and why they chose Surfrider Foundation as the beneficiary from the sales. If you missed it, check out the first interview with Blitzen Trapper’s Eric Earley.

    "Ooh Dee Ooh" from G. Love and Samantha Stollenwerck is available now, exclusively through the Patagonia Music Collective and iTunes. Procceds from the sales of this song benefit the Surfrider Foundation and their mission to protect oceans, waves and beaches. Did we mention, it only costs 99 cents?

    [With thanks to Greg Bitsky]

    HeadCount & Patagonia Music Interview Series: Blitzen Trapper’s Eric Earley

    For over seven years now, our friends at HeadCount have been registering voters and making civic participation an easy and fun part of the live music experience. They’ve also been helping us by introducing concert-goers to one of the simplest forms of activism: buy a song, benefit the environment. Today, we’re happy to present the first in a series of interviews with artists participating in the Patagonia Music Collective, appearing on both the Patagonia and blogs. Here’s Headcount executive director, Andy Bernstein talking with Blitzen Trapper’s Eric Earley.

    Blitzen Trapper credit Todd Roeth

    Blitzen Trapper’s roots-driven folk is a living breathing homage to the musical and cultural heritage of the United States. It’s no wonder then that they care about preserving natural resources and the American landscape. The band was one of the first to donate an exclusive track to the Patagonia Music Collective, with the proceeds from downloads going toward SOLV. We caught up with the band’s lead singer Eric Earley, to learn more about the benefit track, the charity, and the natural link between music and protecting the earth. [Eric Earley photo by Todd Roeth. Download "All the Stones" here.]

    Patagonia_HeadCount_InterviewSeries HeadCount: So tell me about the track you donated for the Patagonia Music Collective.

    Eric: The song, “All The Stones,” it’s actually a pretty old one. I wrote that maybe 10 years ago. I was like 21 or something like that – maybe over 10 years ago. I never recorded it and I always liked it. So for the last record I recorded it, but I didn’t put it on the record. But I still like the recording a lot. I really love the song. It’s nice to put it out in some form.

    Have you gotten a nice reaction from it?

    Yeah, lots of people like it.

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    Patagonia Music Collective Volume 3 – Buy an Album, Benefit the Environment

    Patagonia_music_collective_vol_3 We’re thrilled to announce the release of Patagonia Music Collective Volume 3, our newest album of exclusive songs from world-class artists to benefit non-profit environmental groups. You can purchase each song individually for 99 cents, or grab the entire Benefit Album for only $10.89, through the iTunes Music Store. At least 60% of the proceeds from these songs will benefit the associated environmental groups.

    Here’s a quick rundown of the artists on Volume 3: Medeski Martin & Wood, Esperanza Spalding, Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR), David Crosby & Graham Nash, Drive-By Truckers, Jake Shimabukuro, DeVotchKa, The Civil Wars, William Elliott Whitmore and Dolorean.

    Audio_graphic_20px Preview all Patagonia Music Benefit Tracks

    We also released digital liner notes for all three Patagonia Music Collective albums. Each PDF includes beautiful photos of the artists and a bit about the enviro groups each song benefits. You can download them for free right here or on the Patagonia Music Benefit Album page (right-click to download).

    Patagonia Music Volume 1 liner notes (PDF)
    Patagonia Music Volume 2 liner notes (PDF)
    Patagonia Music Volume 3 liner notes (PDF)

    And don’t forget, we’re constantly updating our New-Music Stream with fresh tracks you can stream for free through the Patagonia Music Player or Patagonia Music iPhone App.

    Thanks for supporting Patagonia Music. To all of our international friends, stay tuned. We'll let you know as soon as the program is available globally.

    Patagonia Music: Surfing with Abigail Washburn and the Making of “Sala (USA)”

    Abigail_2 One of the nicest parts about being involved with Patagonia Music is getting the chance to meet some of the artists who’ve generously donated their music to benefit the environment. Ben Sollee stopped by the office on his bike-powered tour through Southern California, moe. played a show for Patagonia employees right before we launched, and, last month, Abigail Washburn came through town and kindly asked if we would take her surfing. [Photo: Jon Estes]

    Abigail Washburn - LA story: late night misty jams, 3 killer gigs, new band name, now surfing for the first time with @Patagonia. Pinch me. Santa Barbara ahoy!
    9:11 AM Mar 26th via Twitter for iPhone

    As one of the lucky folks who was tapped to teach Abigail and her band how to surf, I was both excited to meet such an amazing musician and worried that I might be responsible for a tour-ending injury – this would not sit well with her manager or her husband. Surfing is not a dangerous sport, if you know what you’re doing. The two times you're most likely to hurt yourself are when you’re pushing the limits of the sport and when you’re paddling out for the very first time.

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    SXSW x Patagonia Music - Free Concert this Saturday at Patagonia Austin

    PatMusic-AustinPOP-800 If you live in the greater Austin area or happen to be attending the SXSW Music festival, mark your calendar for this Saturday night. Patagonia Austin will be hosting a free concert in the store to celebrate the launch of our new Patagonia Music program. If you can't make it, please consider helping an enviro non-profit by grabbing a Benefit Track or two.

    Patagonia Music Collective Presents

    Laura Jansen

    Saturday, March 19, 2011
    Patagonia Austin
    Doors open at 7:00pm, music from 7:30 – 9:00pm
    Space is limited, first come first served

    I just returned from Austin and the SXSW Interactive conference. It's a fantastic city filled with friendly folks, delicious food, good music and tons of bike taxis. Free's recommendations if you visit: Lambert's, Manuel's, Koriente, The Ginger Man, Cork & Co. (yo Fresno!), and The Bright Light Social Hour if you're looking for a rocking local band.

    Cheers to everyone at SXSW and the Patagonia Austin crew.

    [With thanks to Brad for the passes.]

    Dirtbag Diaries: Sodade

    Publish_the_quest_half_logo Our sports transcend languages. Ever seen two climbers mime the sequence to a boulder problem? Smiles between skiers on a powder day? Our passions become a vehicle to explore a world outside of our own. Jacob Bain has traveled to SE Asia, Cuba, and Africa. And though he sometimes has climbing gear, he always has a guitar. Through music, Jacob has jammed with locals, incorporating the new sounds and experiences into his music. In the summer of 2010, Johnny Fernandes invited Jacob and his band Publish the Quest to Cape Verde to partake in a musical experience as part of his goal to preserve the local music. Can a hook, a line and a new take on a traditional song overcome culture and language barriers? –Fitz Cahall

    Audio_graphic_20pxListen to "Sodade"
    (right-click to download - contains expletives)

    Visit to hear the music from "Sodade" or download past episodes from the podcast. You can subscribe to the show via iTunes and RSS, or connect with like-minded listeners on Facebook and Twitter.

    Btn_music_app-on And don't forget, you can listen to The Dirtbag Diaries as well as the New-Music Stream Fitz mentioned on our new Patagonia Music iPhone App.

    Buy a Song, Benefit the Environment - Introducing Patagonia Music and the Patagonia Music Collective


    I'm very excited to announce a brand new philanthropic collaboration for us: Patagonia Music. We've teamed up with a diverse group of world-class musicians to raise funds for environmental activism. The concept is simple: Buy a song, benefit the environment. Artists donate exclusive Benefit Tracksyou won't find these songs anywhere else – you buy some great music, and every Benefit Track purchased raises much-needed funds for non-profit environmental groups. Together we form the Patagonia Music Collective. Preview all Benefit Tracks.

    Btn_music_app-on How do you hear the music? Visit our new Patagonia Music page and launch the pop-up music player. You can also download our new Patagonia Music iPhone App right now, for free. If you hear a song you like, click the right arrow for the link to purchase it on iTunes.

    Hit the jump to see the complete Patagonia Music Collective launch line-up. We'll be adding new artists and exclusive songs frequently. [Featured artists in photo: Pearl Jam, Bonnie Raitt, Philip Glass, Ziggy Marley]

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    Cellist Ben Sollee Ditches the Van and Pedals by Patagonia

    Our lives seem to move in fast forward. We run from our homes to our jobs and back barely noticing the scenery, or the people around us. For touring musicians the pace is even faster—they drive 300 miles to a city that they’ve never seen during the day, load their gear into the venue for the night, and drive off when the show ends to the nearest motel to the highway. Then wake up and do it all again.

    For cellist Ben Sollee things were moving too fast. Or he was. The solution? Jump on a bicycle and ride from gig to gig, feeling the asphalt beneath him and the pull of his cello in tow. Sollee has teamed up with drummer Jordon Ellis for the Ditch The Van Tour and the duo stopped by the Patagonia headquarters last week to talk bicycles and share their vision, and music, with all the employees at the Ventura office. Is there a better reason to stay at work past five o’clock than a beer and some live music?

    [Video: Ditch the Van Bike Tour - Chapter 2 from marty benson on Vimeo.]

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